Season 5 - Laces

Season 5 - Laces

Before we dive into Lace we will do one more episode on Twills…. I just had tell you about Turned Twill which is one of my favourite weave structures. Then we’ll tackle Canvas Weave, Huck, Huck with Colour and Weave effects, Bronson Spot, Atwater Bronson Lace, Blended Lace and how we can get Lace and Twills all in one piece.

Season 5 - Laces
  • Season 5 Episode 1 - Turned Twill

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    This is the year of 4 shaft laces…but before we get started…I just had to throw in an episode on 8 shaft Turned Twill to finish off our study of Twills from last year. There is so much to be done with this structure. It is an awesome Turned Twill Primer.

    Things you will learn:

    -Turned Twill...

  • Season 5 Episode 2 - Canvas Weave

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    I hope you’re all doing well and are excited to begin our Lace journey. Canvas weave is a great place to start this study and you’ll be amazed at how many different effects are possible. I wove the sampler in beautiful Venne 16/2 organic linen and played with different treadling and colour and we...

  • Season 5 Episode 3 - Huck

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    Welcome back a very full episode where we begin our journey studying Huck on 4 shafts.

    In this episode we'll take a look at the gazillion different ways you can draft Huck....well maybe not that many, but a lot!

    We'll work with 2 units and learn how to get weft floats, warp floats a...

  • Season 5 Episode 4 - Huck Colour & Weave

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    We have a new episode ready for you and it is jam-packed with inspiration to last a lifetime. You know how much I love Colour Gamp; Weave sequences and you know how much I love now they are hanging out together making magic. I pulled out all the stops when it came to playing with ideas ...

  • Season 5 Episode 5 - Swedish Lace

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    It's time for another episode of the School of Weaving that builds on everything we've learned about Huck. Swedish Lace is Huck's cousin. They live on the same side of Lace Street. Swedish Lace units are the same as Huck's but in Swedish Lace we are allowed to repeat those units as many times ...

  • Season 5 Episode 6 - Bronson Spot

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    Bronson Spot has so much design potential for the 4 shaft weaver. It is the only lace structure on 4 shafts where we can have 3 units, which means we can use twill profiles to inspire our shapes. All that twill stuff we learned last year can now be brought forward and overlayed onto this lace str...

  • Season 5 Episode 7 - Bronson Lace

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    In Episode 7 we'll have a wee look at Bronson Lace, the first lace I fell in love with. I wove my very first piece way back in 1981 at my first weaving workshop in Banff, with master weaver Mary Andrews. It was on 8 shafts and it was so beautiful I framed it as soon as I got home. It still hangs ...

  • Season 5 Episode 8 - Blended Lace

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    In this lesson, we get a chance to put everything we've learned about laces together in one piece. Blended Lace really isn't a category in any lace book I've read. But...years ago, when I would get lost in Marguerite Porter Davison's - A Handweaver's Pattern Book, studying the threadings...I noti...

  • Season 5 Episode 9 - Huck and Twills

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    Welcome to our last project of Season 5. I started with a warp for 8 mats and then got so carried away I had to make another warp and ended up with 16! As I worked on them I thought about all the things we have learned in our first 5 years together and wanted to pull it all together in one projec...

  • Season 5 Episode 10 - Laces

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    Our grand finale….we review everything we’ve learned throughout the Lace Season and make sure we have all our notes in order. We take another look at the drawdowns, the graphics and all the samples. We review each of the laces, Canvas Weave, Huck, Huck Colour and Weave, Swedish Lace, Bronson Spot...