Season 5 Episode 10 - Laces

Season 5 Episode 10 - Laces

Our grand finale….we review everything we’ve learned throughout the Lace Season and make sure we have all our notes in order. We take another look at the drawdowns, the graphics and all the samples. We review each of the laces, Canvas Weave, Huck, Huck Colour and Weave, Swedish Lace, Bronson Spot, Bronson Lace, Blended Lace, Huck and Twills and the Turned Twill - our one 8 shaft episode we started the season with.

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Season 5 Episode 10 - Laces
  • 5.10.1 - Turned Twill Review

    We take another look at Turned Twill and the amazing towels woven on 8 shafts. This is the only 8 shaft lesson for Season 5 and it is packed with ideas, treadlings and colours.

  • 5.10.2 - Canvas Weave Review

    Canvas Weave is the first of the Laces that we study for this Season 5. We visit the sampler for this lesson and review how to do the drawdowns.

  • 5.10.3 - Huck Review

    Huck grows beautifully from Canvas. There are 3 main ways to tie it up and weave it: weft floats, warp floats & lace. We review lace through its graphics and look at the sampler once more.

  • 5.10.4 - Huck Colour and Weave Review

    Everything we learned in Season 2 – Colour & Weave can be overlaid on top of most weave structures but in this case, Huck!
    We used all 3 tie-ups to get different effects: weft spots, warp spots & lace
    We’ll learn to treadle uneven D/L sequences on even threading sequences and make magic.

  • 5.10.5 - Swedish Lace Review

    Swedish Lace grows out of Huck. We overlaid everything we played with from our Huck gamp and Huck Colour & Weave gamp. We look at the sampler and the graphics.

  • 5.10.6 - Bronson Spot Review

    Bronson Spot is the only lace on 4 shafts where we can have 3 units. It allows us to use 3 shaft twill shapes as profiles. We look at the samples and the scarves woven in this episode.

  • 5.10.7 - Bronson Lace Review

    Bronson Lace is a 6 thread unit and we can have 2 blocks on 4 shafts and 6 blocks on 8. We've played with block profiling in this episode and we'll go over the graphics, the pattern, and the towels!

  • 5.10.8 - Blended Lace Review

    Because we have studied all 5 of the Lace weaves in great detail we now see how all of them can be used in one piece.

  • 5.10.9 - Huck and Twills Review

    We learned that we can weave Huck and Twills in the same piece and did we! Amazing placemats were woven and we go through them once more and look at the graphics.