Season 5 Episode 7 - Bronson Lace

Season 5 Episode 7 - Bronson Lace

In Episode 7 we'll have a wee look at Bronson Lace, the first lace I fell in love with. I wove my very first piece way back in 1981 at my first weaving workshop in Banff, with master weaver Mary Andrews. It was on 8 shafts and it was so beautiful I framed it as soon as I got home. It still hangs on the wall just inside the front door of the studio. I was so out of my depth at that workshop, barely a beginner with only a 4 shaft loom and it was all 8 and 12 shafts. Back then I struggled to follow the treadling draft and prayed I would step on the right treadle and no one would notice how lost I was. I was 24 and everyone else was ancient, they were all at least 40! I couldn't read the cloth and had no idea what to do when I got lost. Weaving is so much easier now...yay!

Things we will learn:

-that you can have 2 blocks on 4 shafts
-that units can be repeated as many times as you want
-that you can weave A & B independently and A & B together
-that you have warp floats & wefts on one surface, if you add to the tie-up
-and you can have vertical Plain Weave as another design element

I hope you enjoy this episode, I wish I had understood all this back in '81, it would have been easier...but it has been a blast to learn it along the way. Next year we will look at Bronson Lace on 8 shafts and I'll share the draft from Banff and teach you how to read it yourself.

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Season 5 Episode 7 - Bronson Lace