Season 5 Episode 2 - Canvas Weave

Season 5 Episode 2 - Canvas Weave

I hope you’re all doing well and are excited to begin our Lace journey. Canvas weave is a great place to start this study and you’ll be amazed at how many different effects are possible. I wove the sampler in beautiful Venne 16/2 organic linen and played with different treadling and colour and weave sequences. As usual, I got carried away and wove 21 different variations on the warp. The PDF that accompanies this episode provides you with the opportunity to do a drawdown of the 3 different tie-ups I used to create Lace, Weft floats and Warp floats.
So much fun 🙂

Things we will learn in Episode 2:

-How Canvas Weave grows out of Basket Weave
-That it has radiating double lines in the warp and weft coming out of the lace
-That we need floating selvedges to allow the 2 picks in one shed
-That we can use a tie-down thread to repeat units
-That we can weave it in weft floats and warp floats

You can purchase the Canvas Weave Sample Kit right here:

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Season 5 Episode 2 - Canvas Weave