Season 7 - An Overlay of Colour, Weave and Texture on Units and Block Structure

Season 7 - An Overlay of Colour, Weave and Texture on Units and Block Structure

Season 7 builds on all previous years with special emphasis on the Colour and Weave gamp we did in Season 2 Episode 4. We take those colour and weave sequences and overlay them onto units and blocks for Overshot, Crackle, Halvdrall, Turned Taquette, Summer & Winter, M’s & O’s and Monk’s Belt. We also start the season with one more 8-shaft Turned Twill with colour & weave.

Season 7 - An Overlay of Colour, Weave and Texture on Units and Block Structure
  • Season 7 Episode 1 - Turned Twill with Colour and Weave

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    It is so much fun to start the year with another overlay idea. This year is all about adding Colour and Weave sequences to units and blocks. We’ll start with Turned Twill for the 3rd year in a row…adding my favourite Dark/Light sequence from Season 3 E4, which was Dark/Light/Dark/Dark/Light. We’l...

  • Season 7 Episode 2 - Fiberworks PCW Colour and Weave

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    With great pleasure, I welcome back Bob Keates, co-creator of Fiberworks PCW. Using a computer drafting programme makes playing with Colour and Weave ideas very easy. It allows us to play and try different C&W sequences without committing to the warp. I’m blown away by the possibilities…things I ...

  • Season 7 Episode 3 - Monk's Belt with Colour and Weave

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    Challenging our thoughts around tabby and pattern weft, double pattern picks, and using the same weight of yarn for both tabby and pattern has resulted in an added textural bonus that not only changes the weight of the fabric but the richness of contrast between light and dark. Then, finally goin...

  • Season 7 Episode 4 - Halvdrall

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    Halvdrall is the perfect sequel to Monk's Belt because it's Monk's Belt and Overshot's first cousin. They are so closely related. I have overlayed a DDL sequence onto the blocks and had a lot of fun making the Season 2 Colour and Weave gamp bigger. We have an utterly awesome Show and Tell, everyo...

  • Season 7 Episode 5 - Overshot with Colour and Weave

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    Well, this episode was a ton of fun! Take a wonderful Overshot pattern designed by Bertha Gray Hayes, tweak the float length a teeny weeny bit, add a layer of Log Cabin on top of the overshot threading and have Overshot that takes on an entirely new look. These scarves were all woven...

  • Season 7 Episode 6 - Crackle on Opposites

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    The fabric that I wove for this lesson could be so many things....if they were smaller they would be wonderful placemats.
    As they are they could be cushion covers and they are a good skookum towel. If you wove them really large they would make great wall hangings or room dividers. The power of th...

  • Season 7 Episode 7 - Summer and Winter with Colour and Weave

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    I hope you enjoy this episode, it builds on what we've been doing all year and all the things we learned about Summer and Winter last season. I'll never stop being amazed by the power of structure with just 4 shafts!

    Things we will learn:
    • How important sett was to the success of this project.

  • Season 7 Episode 8 - Turned Taquete

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    This is a great episode that will help you get blocks that look close to Turned Twill, on just 4 shafts. Turned Taquete is a wee marvel with a straight draw threading and the ability to manipulate 2 blocks on 4 shafts. I'm a firm believer in understanding what I'm doing at the loom, ...

  • Season 7 Episode 9 - Ms and Os go on a Date with Huck and Colour and Weave

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    Season 7 Episode 9.....who knew we could take M's & O's out on a date with Huck and bring colour and weave along for the ride......and what a ride it is. I had so much fun creating this episode...I think I say that every time but this one feels like it was extra fun. So much so...that I have to d...

  • Season 7 Episode 10 - Finale

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    Another year, another finale, another big review of the wonderful things we learned this year....and there was a ton. Overlaying Colour and Weave has been so much fun and has provided us with many more graphic possibilities that we might not have thought possible. There is always so much to do wi...