Season 7 Episode 10 - Finale

Season 7 Episode 10 - Finale

Another year, another finale, another big review of the wonderful things we learned this year....and there was a ton. Overlaying Colour and Weave has been so much fun and has provided us with many more graphic possibilities that we might not have thought possible. There is always so much to do with a structure when you stay with it, sit with it for a while...ponder it, we could spend entire years with every structure and still not be done with them.

Season 7 Episode 10 - Finale
  • 7.10.1 - Thank You

    I want to thank everyone who makes the School of Weaving possible.
    I am blessed to work with such an amazing team, I am blessed to have so many wonderful students. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • 7.10.2 - Turned Twill with Colour and Weave Review

    This episode, we took dark, light, dark, dark, light and superimposed it onto the units. We also learned to wind two warps, a dark warp and a light warp so that if you needed colour changes often, it would be much easier twith this method.

  • 7.10.3 - Monk's Belt with Colour and Weave Review

    We learned how to overlay colour and weave sequences on Monk's Belt and how we can challenge our ideas around its treadling and balance.

  • 7.10.4 - Halvdrall Review

    Halvdrall is closely related to Monk's Belt and Overshot and we expand on it here in this lesson. We learned to overlay colour and weave on top of all of this and how to weave with one shuttle.

  • 7.10.5 - Overshot with Colour and Weave Review

    Take a wonderful Overshot pattern designed by Bertha Gray Hayes, tweak the float length a teeny weeny bit, add a layer of Log Cabin on top of the overshot threading and have Overshot that takes on an entirely new look.

  • 7.10.6 - Crackle on Opposites Review

    Crackle on opposites, opposite blocks with two contrasting colours makes our graphics very powerful.

  • 7.10.7 - Summer and Winter with Colour and Weave Review

    We took Summer and Winter graphics and made them big with one coloured warp and one colored weft on 4 shafts

  • 7.10.8 - Turned Taquete Review

    We brought our Parrot colours from Season 2 onto Turned Taquete and we learned to turn a draft.

  • 7.10.9 - Ms and Os go on a Date with Huck and Colour and Weave Review

    Who knew we could take M's & O's out on a date with Huck and bring colour and weave along for the ride......and what a ride it is. I had so much fun creating this episode....I think I say that every time but this one feels like it was extra fun. So much so...that I have to do another episode on i...