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Season 1- Foundation, Season 2 - Colour and Weave

Season 1 goes over all the fundamentals of weaving. Warping, dressing the loom, weaving technique, project planning, understanding sett as well as different types of looms and yarns along with how to weave with difficult yarns like mohair, fulling, and finishing.

Season 2 lays the foundations of Colour and Design workshop. We learn about colour theory, graphic, division of space and the architecture of design, all presented in a way that allows weavers to bring their ideas to reality.

Season 3 - Pushing the Boundaries of Plain Weave and Season 4 - Twills on Four

In Season 3 we take an in-depth look at Plain Weave. We get familiar with our reed: exploring denting; cramming and denting; weft-faced; warp-faced; double weave; collapse weave and supplementary warp. All of these ideas are laid down on top of what we learned in Season 2.

Season 4 we dive into the world of twill structure and overlay it with everything we learned in Colour & Design and Pushing the Boundaries of PW. We explore threadings, tie-ups, treadlings, colour and weave, big threadings, little threadings, Point Twill, Twill and Basket Weave, Shadow Weave, Weft Faced Twills and end up harnessing the power of 4 shaft looms in relation to the twill weave structure.

Season 5 - Laces and Season 6 - Units, Blocks and Profiles

Season 5 - Laces, we tackle Laces with Canvas Weave, Huck, Huck with Colour and Weave effects, Bronson Spot, Atwater Bronson Lace, Blended Lace and how we can get Lace and Twills all in one piece. But we first start the season with Turned Twill, one of Jane’s favourite weave structures.

Season 6 - Units, Blocks and Profiles, we have another amazing season, laying a solid foundation based on the words - Units, Blocks and Profiles. We continue with the explorations we started with Season 5 and add much more. Graphic design will lead the way for structure and colour to live on. Our profiles will define our graphics and we'll learn how to interpret them in many different weave structures.

Season 7 - An Overlay of Colour, Weave and Texture on Units and Block Structure

Season 7 - An Overlay of Colour and Weave and Texture on Units and Block Structures builds on all previous years with special emphasis on the Colour and Weave gamp we did in Season 2 Episode 4. We take those colour and weave sequences and overlay them onto units and blocks for Overshot, Crackle, Halvdrall, Turned Taquette, Summer & Winter, M’s & O’s and Monk’s Belt. We also start the season with one more 8-shaft Turned Twill with colour & weave.

Season 8 - Double the Fun!

In Season 8, we’ll be delving further into M’s & O’s and Huck, the Powell method of drafting Shadow Weave, a great introduction to Deflected Double Weave, Block Double Weave, and Double Faced Twills. We’ll be doubling our fun by looking at structures on 4 shafts and taking them to 8 shafts.

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