Season 3 Episode 6 - Simple Collapse Weave

Season 3 Episode 6 - Simple Collapse Weave

In this episode we learn how to use active yarns (shrinkers) and inactive yarns (not so shrinky) to create highly textured fabric. This time our perfectly wonderful plain weave is woven at a ridiculously open sett in 30/2 silk and 18/2 merino. We continue to push our technique to another level….learning how to control that crazy open sett and stabilize the fabric during the fulling process. If you loved Denting and Cramming & Denting, I’m pretty sure you’re going to love this one too. I know I sure do.

Things we will learn:

-how to use two different yarns to react and create a collapse
-how to weave with a very open sett and control it all
-how to manage the distortion that will occur in the weaving
-how to full and finish your silk and merino scarves
-how to deal with your hemstitching

Happy Viewing

You can purchase the Simple Collapse Weave Kit right here:

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Season 3 Episode 6 - Simple Collapse Weave