Season 1 Episode 9 - Making a Mohair Blankie... Yes!

Season 1 Episode 9 - Making a Mohair Blankie... Yes!

Episode 9 is my favourite, hands down. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love weaving with brushed mohair. I wove my first mohair throw in 1982 and since then I have woven over 1000 of them. We still weave them in the studio to this day. They are so light and warm and comforting…. they age beautifully, getting thinner with the years but somehow they maintain all their warmth…. unlike me. To this day they make me think of my Auntie Kay…she had a mohair throw from Scotland that I coveted as a child, always wishing I could take it home.

I don’t see many people weaving with mohair these days which is I wanted to share my techniques about this rather tricky, sticky little yarn. I want to share how I have adapted my techniques to subdue brushed mohairs special needs. Once you watch this you’ll want to tackle it yourself….it is so darn easy.

This is what you’ll learn about :)

-Making the fuzziest warp ever
-Warping Front to Back
-Tying one warp onto an existing warp or a pseudo warp.
-Winding on the stickiest warp in the world…….easy, peasy
-Creating the perfect tie-up for a nice clean shed
-Beat sequence
-Winding bobbins with fuzzy yarns
-Hemstitching with mohair

We weave a scarf and a throw in this episode. You will also get a nice little pdf to print off called the Mohair Blankie Quick Reference Guide so you know how much yarn you need for 3 different projects.

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Season 1 Episode 9 - Making a Mohair Blankie... Yes!